A Special Message from a Grateful Family

Generous gifts from our wonderful donors can make a real difference in the lives of our patients and their families. On this Giving Tuesday, and throughout the holiday season, we hope you can make a donation to Cornerstone VNA so that families like Skye’s can continue to receive such wonderful care and support. Please read her family’s message below and consider joining the ranks of their benefactors by making a gift.

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Dear Friend,

The day after Easter of 2019 was the beginning of our journey. Our daughter Skye, 3 at the time, 4 this month, was diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia). ALL is a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow that affects white blood cells.

Oh a whim, I had brought her to the pediatrician after noticing her acting differently. We ended up at Boston Children’s Hospital later that night. It was a scary first night that landed us in the Intensive Care Unit. We were not sure she was going to make it. Thankfully by morning she was stable. And after a week we went back down to the oncology floor where treatment would officially begin.

Feeling like we were on a different planet, the first few days went by in a blur. It was hard to listen to what the doctors and nurses were saying, because it seemed like a foreign language. Most of the information went right over our heads. But by the end of our month long stay, we felt relieved we were able to go home, but nervous about being so far away from the hospital.

But then we met Janice, from Cornerstone VNA. She came by the house the first weekend we were home and instantly we knew we would be just fine. Both Skye and our 6 year old daughter, Josie, immediately loved her. Taking care of people is second nature to her. She’s not only our nurse, but has become a good friend. This wonderful organization has been there for us since day one.

Janice surprised me one afternoon when she asked to drop by to give me something. It was $100 worth of gas cards, given from the Kiddie Cornerstone Fund at Cornerstone VNA. And that right there took care of our gas for a whole month. And we are so grateful because Boston isn’t exactly around the corner. In addition to gas cards, Janice has brought over books and little toys for the girls, also gifts from the Kiddie Cornerstone Fund. 

Cornerstone VNA doesn’t just take care of Skye, they take care of our whole family. Each person has such an important role and makes a huge difference to families like us. We see it, and from the heart of our hearts, we are so grateful. 

Drawing by Josie

This holiday season, we hope you can make a donation to Cornerstone VNA so that families like us can continue to receive such wonderful care and support.

Thank you,

Julie, Michael, Josie and Skye

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