It’s not easy to share my story, but it’s important for people to know that they are not alone and can get help. 

I have been debilitated by depression and anxiety for years and started seeing counselors at the age of 14. I’ve had many people unaware that I was hurting. I hid the facts that I was going to psychiatrists and counselors. It even broke up my first marriage. My ex-husband didn’t believe in mental health care. My second husband knew about my issues and has been so supportive. He’s appreciated the help from Cornerstone VNA also. They’ve saved my life – physically and emotionally, my body and soul.

Dana would not leave me until I was safe

Last year, I was receiving care from Cornerstone VNA for some issues with my legs and knees, and there were changes taking place in my personal life that were causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. It really got to me, and I started thinking about how I could take my own life. My Occupational Therapist, Dana, found me in distress and she wouldn’t leave until I could safely get to an inpatient behavioral health unit. I’m grateful for the team at Cornerstone VNA because they did so much to support me during a very stressful and scary time. Dana has been especially supportive with behavioral and meditation exercises. She’s also made sure I have the safety equipment I need to keep me from falling and explained special exercises to increase my strength and mobility. She even helped me get a power chair to improve my independence.

We’ve utilized many services and received the best care

Cornerstone VNA has been there for me for over 30 years, starting when my mother needed care. Between my mother and I, we have utilized almost every service and have received the best care from the Nurses, LNAs, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Personal Care Service Providers, Social Workers, and Senior Companion Volunteers. They are personable, friendly, and they have always taken good care of us. Whenever someone from the VNA comes to visit me, it really calms me and brings my stress level down. From my physical health to my mental health, the VNA has saved me so many times. I am so grateful.

Support for these vital services is needed

Please consider making a donation, in honor of Dana and the incredible team at Cornerstone VNA. The additional training they receive, especially in behavioral health, really made a difference in my life. Your gift will support vital programs not fully covered by insurance and professional development opportunities so their team can continue providing the best care. Thank you in advance for supporting Cornerstone VNA, so that patients like me can get the care and support we need at home.

With Appreciation,

Tracey Cole

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Cornerstone VNA is a designated safe “Place” which recognizes our efforts to create a safe, judgment-free space for our employees, colleagues, patients, clients, and community members.“Mental health is a journey, not a destination. It has been an honor to be a part of Tracey’s journey, and I’m grateful for the mental health training I received to guide me.

My hope is that Tracey’s story will bring more awareness to mental health care in your community.”

Dana Diaz, Occupational Therapist

P.s. Your gift will have a big impact and will directly support patients like me. Thank you for supporting the incredible work of Cornerstone VNA!