May is the month of Nurses Week,
it’s also Mental Health Awareness Month,
and Speech-Language-Hearing Month.


We invite you to join us in recognizing the remarkable contributions of our exceptional team by making a gift in their honor. Your support is vital in ensuring that our services reach those who need them most. 

Donations received will directly benefit patients without insurance coverage, support programs with the greatest need, and contribute to the professional development of our staff. 

“Jeff attended to my husband in his last days. We could not have gotten through this time without his help and compassion. Above and beyond caring. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jeff, you will never be forgotten by our family.”

 “Cornerstone VNA did so much to support me during a very stressful and scary time. Dana has been especially supportive with behavioral and meditation exercises.”

“Luci helped me regain the gift of speech. She was creative in her approach and always encouraged me to work hard toward regaining my ability to talk. The ability to communicate is so important in life; thanks to Luci, I’m well on my way to regaining this skill.”

Help us celebrate the extraordinary professionals like Jeff, Dana, and Luci, who go above and beyond to deliver the very best in home healthcare services. Make your gift today and make a difference in the lives of our patients and in our community.


Thank You!