It is with great pleasure that Cornerstone VNA recognizes Kathryn Howard as the 2022 LNA of the Year.

Kathryn has been a full-time employee at Cornerstone VNA since February 2021 and she is known for her high standard of performance and high-quality care. She performs her job exceptionally, cares for patients with respect and dignity, and is an asset to Cornerstone VNA and her local community.

Kathryn has a unique skill set and utilizes it to create therapeutic connections, making her an exceptional LNA. Always excited to learn new skills, she is proficient in assisting with installing and removing telehealth equipment in the patient’s home, providing simple wound care, and INR checks for patients on Coumadin. These additional skills bring value to her LNA role within the agency.

Kathryn has a passion for nursing and healthcare overall. She demonstrates exceptional understanding of patient care and integrity. Cornerstone VNA staff members describe her as compassionate, courteous, dedicated, dependable, a team player, and helpful to others. Recently, Ann Vernard described Kathryn as “Lovely, with a warm vibe, and great attitude”.

Kathryn goes above and beyond and ensures patients are provided the best quality care with a positive experience. She has high ethical standards and expertise in home care, hospice, and acute care that enables her to be an excellent mentor to new staff. She is a great resource for her peers and a role model within Cornerstone VNA.

Several patients have provided feedback about Kathryn’s kind nature and thorough work ethic. Recently, a patient provided feedback about Kathryn, “She helped me through a difficult time and had the patience to take the time to work with me”. Kathryn strives for excellence and is a great problem solver. Her involvement in the agency, community, and the world are a testimony to her compassion. She shows concern for the well-being of others and is always looking for solutions to problems.

Quality patient care is Kathryn’s mission, and it is evident that healthcare is her passion. She enjoys serving others and expresses her appreciation to others for their efforts.

Congratulations, Kathryn, from all of us at Cornerstone VNA!

“Kathryn Howard joined my telehealth team last fall assisting with installs and cleaning of the equipment. Kathryn shows great strengths as a team player, strong communication skills, and  is very caring with her patients. Patients often expressed how pleased they were to have her in the home, how well she explained the set up and use of the equipment. Kathryn’s priority for every patient is to make sure all their needs are met before she leaves the home. Kathryn is always willing to give her time in any way she can assist her co-workers  and always maintains a positive out-look. She is a pleasure to work with and a great asset to my telehealth team.”

Anne Carle, Telehealth Nurse