Cornerstone VNA proudly offers Telehealth to patients and has been providing remote monitoring services since 1998. Today, our Telehealth programs continues to be a valuable tool for supporting patients with complex illnesses, with a focus on patient education. Our program is led by Anne Carle, RN, who has received multiple awards for her expert care through the use of Telehealth.

How does Cornerstone VNA Telehealth work?

Your Personal Physician or Cornerstone VNA Clinician will make a referral for Telehealth.

Cornerstone VNA offers a robust Telehealth program to be able to provide healthcare services remotely. Our Telehealth Nurse utilizes video conferencing to provide remote monitoring and support of patients. There is no cost for this service. To see if Telehealth is right for you or your loved one, Cornerstone VNA will conduct a patient assessment, particularly with those who have high-risk diagnoses such as Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Diabetes or those who are at high risk of returning to the hospital.

If it is determined that you are eligible for Telehealth, based on your diagnosis, you will be guided on how to connect with our Telehealth Nurse using your personal electronic device, such as a smart phone or tablet. A secure application will be installed on your device for video calls with your Telehealth Nurse. Once the program is set up on your device and you’ve received instructions, a Telehealth Nurse at Cornerstone VNA will check in on you as needed and help provide guidance and support to keep you home and out of the hospital.

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Benefits of Telehealth

1. Timely Intervention
2. Accurate Reporting for Physicians
3. Medication Education
4. Intravenous (IV) Assessment
5. Wound Assessment
6. Demonstration
7. Emotional Support
8. Communication
9. Improved Outcomes

Positive Outcomes
  • Reduced hospitalization and emergency room visits
  • Decreased nursing home placement
  • Heightened sense of security
  • Diminished anxiety
  • Improved ability for self-care and prolonged independence
Meet Telehealth Nurse, Anne Carle

Anne Carle is a true steward of the telehealth program at Cornerstone VNA and the benefits that the program affords high risk patients.

As the Telehealth Clinical Coordinator, Anne stays engaged with her Case Managers recommending changes in patient care plans and communicating these changes to the provider. Anne engages regularly with patients in the telehealth program providing triage services, conducting full view assessments, and scheduling nursing visits as needed. She also tracks medicine changes and orders, teaches medicine practices, demonstrates proper usage of inhalers and more. In addition, she works with patients on understanding the parameters of their illness and when they need to contact their doctor’s office.

Anne uses video calling almost daily to contact Cornerstone VNA patients. She has prevented many patients from going back to the hospital by walking patients through health care tasks necessary to remain at home. When talking to patients about the fact that she can often “watch over them” with telehealth, patients often share that the telehealth program gave them peace of mind.