Cornerstone VNA is proud to announce that three of its senior Rehabilitation clinicians have achieved vestibular certification from the American Institute of Balance.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “Dizziness and vertigo are symptoms of a vestibular balance disorder. Balance disorders can strike at any age but are most common as you get older.” According to the National Institutes of Health, dizziness is the #1 complaint of persons aged seventy and older and #3 for all age groups, only preceded by backache and headache. The newly vestibular certified team includes Rehab Manager Karen Krause, PT, COS-C, AIB-VRC; Rehab Coordinator Lisa Matthews, PT, AIB-VRC; and Cornelius Donnelly, DPT, AIB-VRC.

Rehab Coordinator Lisa Matthews explains, “Dizziness is prevalent in our community. It can affect patients of any age and level of mobility. These patients are often underdiagnosed and underserved. Vestibular Rehab Certification allows us to effectively identify, diagnose, and treat them to reduce and potentially resolve their symptoms and significantly impact their quality of life. Improvement in function and fall reduction can often take place even within a few treatments, allowing patients to experience positive changes very quickly.”

This Vestibular Rehabilitation certified team adds to the depth and breadth of expert care that the team at Cornerstone VNA provides for their patients. According to Julie Reynolds, President/CEO, “Increasingly, patients are discharged to home with more complex conditions than ever before, which requires a unique and diverse skillset. As a result, we continue to invest in certifying our clinicians to ensure excellence and implement innovative technology to create efficiencies and improve patient outcomes.”

The highly skilled Rehabilitation Team at Cornerstone VNA also includes clinicians trained in the modalities of Lymphedema, Lee Silverman Voice Training (LSVT) for Parkinson’s patients, Wound Care, and Behavioral Health.

Featured in the header image are Cornelius Donnelly and Karen Krause, pictured below is Lisa Matthews.