Lights of Love - December 1, 2021

Cornerstone VNA is pleased to announce the 35th Annual Jane Cooper Fall Lights of Love Celebration – carrying on the wonderful event traditionally hosted by Frisbie Memorial Hospital (FMH) Auxiliary. Due to COVID-19, this special event will take place virtually on December 1, 2021.

With each $5 donation, your loved one’s name will be added to a holiday light at Cornerstone VNA. Hundreds of lights will be strung throughout the beautiful grounds of Cornerstone VNA. Each light shining warmly upon each tribute name throughout the holiday season.


Here's a look back to our 2020 Virtual Lights of Love Event!

About the Jane Cooper Fall Lights of Love Celebration

Jane Cooper Fall

We are proud to continue this special event in memory of Jane, Founder, Lights of Love.

Jane Cooper Fall created this event in 1986 as a way to pay tribute to the people who have had a special impact on our lives.  Lights of Love has continued to be an important community event due to the work of Jane and The Frisbie Memorial Hospital (FMH) Auxiliary Board.

We were very sad to learn of Jane’s passing on October 18, 2018. She gave so much to our local communities, and made a significant impact through her work and volunteerism. We encourage you to read Jane’s obituary online to learn more about this incredible woman and how deeply she cared for the people and communities she was surrounded by. In memory of Jane, the FMH Auxiliary Board has been committed to continuing this celebration – since 2020 with Cornerstone VNA.

Cornerstone VNA is an independent nonprofit home health and hospice care provider that was founded in 1913. For nearly 50 years, Cornerstone VNA has been very proud to have known Jane and celebrate her many accomplishments. In 1970, Jane became president of the Farmington VNA, which is now known as Cornerstone VNA. Over the years, Jane remained very involved with the VNA and even served on the Board of Directors until 1997. During Cornerstone VNA’s 100th year, Jane was presented with the 2013 Cornerstone Award for her dedication and years of service to the VNA. She also served for more than 50 years on the FMH Auxiliary, and received numerous awards for her volunteerism and outstanding service to health care in the community.

We hope you can be a part of the 2021 Lights of Love Celebration and continue to celebrate with us for many years to come. If you would like to join our e-newsletter mailing list for this event, please fill out the form below to receive Lights of Love event updates to your inbox.

FMH Auxiliary Board Members with Cornerstone VNA

Front Row (l to r): Pam Verbicky, Erika Lee (CVNA), Back Row (l to r): Stephanie Turek, Nancy Wyman, Kit Britton, Nancy Loud, Pam Hubbard, Karen Beranger, Joanne Livingston, Linda Sunderland, Julie Reynolds (CVNA), and Ann Vennard (CVNA)

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