Cornerstone VNA proudly offers Telehealth to patients and has been providing remote monitoring services since 1998. Today, our Telehealth units utilize cutting edge technology with a focus on patient education. Our program is led by Anne Carle, RN, who has received multiple awards for her expert care through the use of Telehealth.

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Patient Testimonials

With telehealth in my home, utilizing the education videos, it taught me the importance of monitoring my weight and blood pressures on a daily basis helping to keep my chronic condition controlled. I also like the security of knowing that the telehealth nurse is always there to talk with via phone/or video call for any questions or concerns.


I have been fearful of going back to the hospital due to my chronic condition. My brother has Congestive Heart Failure and has been back to the hospital more than once. I am so grateful that a nurse is always watching over me.


I find that the Telehealth makes me feel more secure that I am doing the right thing.  I have a better outlook on life and am more satisfied with ‘what I can do’ rather than ‘what I can’t do’.  I am very grateful for this service.


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    You can also reach Telehealth nurse Anne at: 800-691-1133 x 1178